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Scandalous situation with BioTexCom Clinic | 16 June 2018









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鍙戣〃浜 2018-8-16 20:55:20 | 鏄剧ず鍏ㄩ儴妤煎眰 |闃呰妯″紡
Good morning everybody. The team of journalists found a lot of clients, which BioTexCom deceived. We managed to find dissatisfied clients.

We are cheated buyers of BioTexCom company of reproductive medicine. When was the new event with them, when BioTexCom deceived people, we want to write as much reviews as it probable and to support them. We did a excellent work and search a lot of certificate of negative feedback of clinic BioTexCom. All of them you can search in Internet on request "biotexcom critiques". We decided to lend a hand them and help them. With our columnist help, fewer humanity will turn to tricksters.

Under you can find information from people who have fallen in furnishings, which were combined with BioTexCom services.
They asked columnists to support them. Oliver and Jane help them and in team we are searching information and reviewed it. With suggest journalist support they compose this article. Thanks for the support Oliver and Jane.

When immature mothers haven’t chances to have babies, they approach to the surrogacy companies. A lot of them are located in Eastern Europe. One of the well-knowns reproductive medicine clinic is BioTexCom. There are many of people in Germany, who use cater for of them. If to read biotexcom surveys, is it possible to search a lot of negative reviews.
At last this company became known cause of they don't utilize DNA one of parents. This company makes some of operation without necessary circumstances. Some of humans from Italy, Slovak Republic, Romania are visit Ukraine and pick up children.

You could read information from Cecilia Rizzika, who is Italian advocate. He see that at first his customers in 2010 come to company and visit institution. At clinic medic provided a surrogate mom, who shall impregnate with the cum of the future parent, but semen was not keep on. About situation future parents obtain information after DNA test. Outlay of procedure was 30.000 euros.
Likewise one of the cases consisted in children who were taken to Poland and Romania. In Ukraine a criminal base has been opened for the clinic. Also was founded info that a lot of children were conceived from void moms who received a diagnostic of "infertility 1 degree".

According to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine BioTexCom is working in 2 big cities of Ukraine. They retrieve any persons who need cash and suggest them. A lot of managers of office are working in Kiev in Kirovograd. The second city is one of the most oppressive areas all over the country. But penal group, orderly by a urbanite of Moldova and Germany didn’t defray money duties a lot of years. In Italian land any of persons know BioTexCom very good. This firm is being debate at web-sites. More information you could also search about this atmosphere at link here https://www.mdr.de/heute-im-osten/ostblogger/ukraine-leihmutterschaft-100.html

Firm also use terrible conditions. In 2012 Ms. Maria from Vinnitsa proposed for the program of maternity and became ill with hepatitis B. As she said, every day she asked about reward and under the contact company need to pay her 200 EUR every month for existence, vitamine, medicines. For every period of childbearing, she should to obtain 1200 euros. All this coins young woman didn’t take. When later Italian mother and father come to young woman, medics said that she has issues with childbearing and it is necessary to pay 8000 euros and to make research. However, how later young girl found out, this kind of research wasn’t necessary to do. Further this in 24 weeks young mom have other objectives with her heartiness. Woman said: “I come to doctors in infirmary and doctors said that I have hepatitis B”. About this data you should also read more at https://www.bbc.com/ukrainian/features-42995390 .

Today many of humans all over the world know that they shouldn’t give credence to the BioTexCom company. A lot of clients who used services of this company don’t council to use services of BioTexCom. In firm are working scoundrels. Our estimate of clinic job – 1/10 points.  All people need be sure, that this firm works as unfair firm. You must however to know that in firm are working a lot of technical specialists who deleted some recalls. We desire to provide you judgment. Never use services of this company if you don’t wish to be connected with criminal or different issues.

Today BioTexCom is one of the biggest organizations. In fact, narrow-profile clinics in Ukraine don’t allow to do the same things. The principal reason – they assessmented of their reputation and don’t want minus it.

Furthermore we advise to explore and inspect papers in european media, which we are finding. There you could find judgments and fault from Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine and thoughts from other individuals about this firm.

Also we are finding critiques from administrators who were arranged in clinic. We are finding doctors who were worked in clinic. Doctors confirm that BioTexCom use other methods to fool folr all over the world. They also said that specialists don’t care about customer’s health.

1.        Medical staff is not officially working. Actually they asked specialists from other hospitals to do the procedures. Medical staff is not officially working! Only administrators! if you’ll check regular papers, there no biotex hospital at all. It is like co-working space for medics (every year new!) who didn’t search good work in other Ukrainian hospitals.

2.        This maintaince doesn’t have enough medical equipment.
This company saves on property standards.! If you would come to this medical institution, you must to know that they haven’t ventilation system! The growth of embryos depends on many points. In present world it is nonsense to murder embryos. Also it is nonsense to murder them if they are own eggs of husband and wife. This company doesn't grant a lot of chances to have own children. It's crazy, but they can’t help people who really has nice chances.

They don’t have surgery department! What to do if happens something like issue of blood after follicle puncture? You could lose blood and to perish. It is really unsafe!

They try to make people to make only ovum donation. No opportunities couples with own eggs.

3.        Maintain which cost $39.000 doesn’t define the sex of the baby. Also other specialists do it for free and should say needful data.

There specified PGD (genetical examination of embryo) in Standard 39000 and 49000 packs. Sapid thinks are sex definition: if you make chromosome screening, in all cases it goes assessment of all chromosomes, involved X and Y; when sex of baby is not known - it reflects that PGD nobody performs.

4.        From insider evidence we received data that no embryologist is certified / or even no industrial skills to make embryos biopsy. When we claim info about molecular aspects, they destined us to google
In films which are shown for BioTexCom people can see elite flats. It’s not true.

On does the videos you can see when surrogate moms are leaving in comfortable apartments.

5.        We also have data from clients who visited clinic. Nobody seen such terrible conditions.
Also specialists of BioTexCom said they are whole maternity clinic. In fact, they are renting 3 ameliorated wards in the city enterprise Kyiv Maternity Hospital №3. And in the video they exaggerate and show this state agency as their clinic.
Also needful to understand, that this company pours a lot of money into advertising. Actually they don’t find out that medical institutes and human relations are interconnected things.

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